SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION FOR 2023

                                                                     ADULT : £11.00
                                    PARTNERSHIP (INC HUSBAND AND WIFE) : £13.00
                                          JUNIOR SINGLE: £6.00  JOINT JUNIOR: £7.00
                                           SENIOR CITIZEN £7.50 (OVER 65 YEARS)
                                JOINT SENIOR CITIZEN: £8.50 (BOTH OVER 65 YEARS)
                                                   OVERSEAS: £ 20.00 Sterling
                                                        SUBSCRIPTION AND RING ORDERS SHOULD BE SENT TO:
                                                              The Subscription and Ring Secretary: Mr. Tony Edwards
                                               26 Claremont Road, Eccleshall, Stafford ST21 6DP.
                                              Email: tonyedwards999@outlook.com

                                                                                         The NBFA Secretary: Mr Wayne Brown, can be contacted at.
                                                                               3, Orchard Flatts Crescent, Wingfield, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S61 4AS
                                                                                         Email: wan68brown@gmail.com  Telephone: 0755 2646 989

                                                                                          The NBFA Patronage Secretary can be contacted at:

                                                                            Mr Tony Edwards 26 Claremont Road.Eccleshall,Stafford ST21 6DP