This is a colour that is believed to be an 100% variegated bird, it is said by some that it involves both  Dominant and Recessive Variegated genes.
                In practice when breeding them we know that it appears to be simply recessive, pair a White to a Variegated and the resulting offspring will be "split" for White.
                                                 Technically it may not be as simple as that, but their production is straightforward enough If you assume it's simply recessive.
      You can produce them from any colour Self or Variagated but the Dark Eyed birds look in my opinion best, the eye colour from using Fawns is always a Reddish Plum colour.
 The Varigated birds should carry as much White as possible, I have found that Saddlebacks often appear from this pairing, do not use White x White despite being told otherwise
                        this pairing tends to thin the feathering around the Ears and Wing Butts use your best Chocolates and Whites this is a variety that needs improvement.
In the pairing of White x White the occasional marked bird can appear